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A passion for health and fitness brought fellow Brazilians Renato Damiano and Marcus do Carmo together. This shared enthusiasm and know-how is now dedicated to the ACAI BERRY THE AMAZON BOOST.

We’re immensely proud of being the first company to bring the genuine and pure Acai Berry to Europe.

Our core belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible Acai Berry just as if they were in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Thanks to the way our farmers pick and squeeze the berry we can maintain all the super nutrients it has to offer.

Eating right is vital to lead a healthy lifestyle and we understand the need for a balanced diet. This is why Acai Berry is a perfect refreshing and tasty treat that provides your body with the nutrition it requires.

Join us on our journey to eating better and prepare to embrace healthier, positive and purple living.

Acai Berry

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It tastes just like being back in Brazil


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